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Depths of Peril - Site Updates, Impressions

by Dhruin, 2007-08-24 23:44:52

Soldak dropped us a line about some updates for their indie action/RPG, Depths of Peril

First, the official site has been updated with the lich and stalker monsters.

Indie game blog Tales of the Rampant Coyote has some brief impressions from the demo:

I've gotta admit --- I wasn't extremely excited about this title. There were some cool-sounding elements, but I didn't see how they fit together as a whole. Having played the demo far too long tonight, I'm gonna admit... Steven Peeler has pulled it off. This is an indie RPG that shows what indie RPGs can be about. It's got all that "innovation" and stuff that the press and fans claim they really want, but they too often ignore even if it bites them on the face.

...and Gaming's Edge has a preview:

I have NEVER seen monsters that were actually programmed to go after one another in the way that they do in this game. You'll literally see orcs attacking zombies, warring factions among individual monster tribes, etc. This is without any players being around, mind you. Similarly, there are no safety zones. Your main city can be attacked by roving monsters; monsters can even form "uprisings," which roughly translates into raging monster armies that can come and make your day a living nightmare. Even the NPC's are up for grabs - there are plenty of "wandering vendors" who eventually become "monster food."

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