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Anarchy Online - Game Director's Letter @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-08-27 23:29:57

In addition to sporting a shiny new look, the Anarchy Online site features a letter from the Game Director concerning the recent server merge and the game's future direction.

So what are we up to now in terms of production? We are busy putting the final touches to the vehicle pack expansion and are about to start testing of the build. The issues with the live dimensions did set us back a little, at least in ters of deployment, but it hasnt stopped the artists working hard to make the new vehicles even better (artists always like to hear the words 'you have more time'!) and the bikes and boards are really looking fantastic! I am very proud of how the vehicle pack is turning out and I think that you will all enjoy crusing around Rubi-ka on these rides!

Source: Funcom

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