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RPGWatch - New Poll and Site Update

by Dhruin, 2007-08-30 02:22:35

It seems a large chunk of our readership has an interest in Bioshock with some 40% of respondents to our poll  saying they would be playing the PC version asap.  Add the slower adopters and Xbox 360 numbers and around 65% - 70% intend to play the game at some point.

21% had no interest, including a small but significant 13% who don't think we should coverthe title at all.  Also interesting is that despite the growth of the "next gen" console market, we can probably infer our readership remains decidely PC-centric with only 3.11% playing Bioshock on Xbox 360 immediately (and around 5% including late adopters).

Our next poll is on Fallout 3.  You've seen it presented at E3 and GC...what is your opinion so far based on the information revealed to date?  Head to the right to vote and comment.


In other RPGWatch news, we want to improve our screenshot collection so we're calling for submissions from the community - head to this thread for more info and thanks in advance for any help.

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