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White Gold - Dev Bio @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-09-01 00:34:17

Deep Shadows has started putting up bios of team members, starting with Alexander "Che Guevara" Khrutsky; they're fairly short, so here is the full post:

1. Full name (nick name) – Alexander Khrutsky (Che Guevara)
2. Date and place of birth – 25, December, 1980 in Kiev, USSR
3. Position – Scenario writer of White Gold: War in Paradise project
4. Join date – spring of 2002
5. Previous and current projects – Boiling Point:Road to Hell, White Gold: War in Paradise
6. Experience - I have worked with PR, and then wrote a scenario and all dialogues for Boiling Point: Road to Hell. I am working as dialogues author department leader at moment, writing scenario, doing a general control over authors and department cooperation.
7. A couple words about yourself. – My entrainments are historical fencing (the Middle Ages), mountaineering, strikeball.

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