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Two Worlds - Reviews @ GameSpot, GameSpy and More

by Dhruin, 2007-09-01 12:39:31

The first of the major US reviews for Two Worlds are out with GameSpot and GameSpy both cranking out critiques. We'll take GameSpot's first - the same review is used for both the PC and the Xbox360 version, although the text seems to have been written primarily for the X360. The score on PC is a modest 7.4/10 and 7/10 for 360 due to UI issues and gimped MP for that version:

A poor man's Oblivion. This description may seem a bit damning, but it puts the game in awfully fine company when you consider the sheer greatness of Bethesda's role-playing game opus. Reality Pump's RPG certainly has it where it counts in the aspiration department, even if, largely due to some design quirks, the first-time RPG developer can't quite match the gold standard established by Oblivion last year. With that said, the epic scale of the game, along with outstanding character development, free-flowing action, and good quest variety, make it a worthwhile play for any RPG aficionado.

But GameSpy sees it very differently, awarding the X360 version 1/5 and calling it all sorts of names:

Short of either an intense desire to see the RPG genre sullied or irrepressible masochistic tendencies, you've got no reason to play Two Worlds. Except for an interesting pair of item creation and character leveling systems, every element of Two Worlds lurks somewhere between "atrocity" and "horror." It's rare we get to simply lay into a title, but Two Worlds for the 360 is undeserving of any mercy.

Video Game Talk says 3/5 and "rent it":

As I stated earlier, players need extensive knowledge about RPG titles before starting Two Worlds. Playing Oblivion was like being on vacation with a tour guide compared to this. Two Worlds drops you in the middle of nowhere, without any instructions, and expects you to survive. This is a hardcore RPG that will turn away beginners within minutes of starting a new game.

...and CheatCCC has an ordinary article that scores a "good" 3.8/5 but then says there is no reason to get Two Worlds unless you crave "Oblivion filler":

Even with the many amusing flaws that I encountered, including the birdlike motion your character does when jumping, the constant freeze frame when you encounter a new area, and the witty dry boasting your character does when vanquishing evil, there really is no reason to check out Two Worlds unless you are looking for the solid Oblivion filler. If you are, then Two Worlds is your next buy. There's a lot to Two Worlds that will take you an eternity to complete. This is probably the biggest draw to the game that I can mention. It is one of those games that you can put down, wait a while, come back to it, and rekindle the enjoyment you had the first time around. So race out, dive into the world of Two Worlds, and find out for yourself the mysteries of the Taint.

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