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Loki - Reviews @ Strategy Informer, YouGamers

by Magerette, 2007-09-02 18:27:47

Another review of Cyanide's mythologically inspired action rpg Loki, this time from Strategy Informer, likening it to Diablo 3 and implying it would be better as a console title:

Acquiring patronage from the likes of Sony and/or Microsoft is no small or inexpensive task, so it’s easy to see why Cyonide opted for the PC route. But “easy” doesn’t always cut the mustard, and the nagging feeling of impropriety that pervades Loki is inevitably realised. This simply isn’t a PC game. Were it given an extra sheen of gloss, it’d make a very decent home console game that many a casual gamer would find a regular window in their schedule for. But PC gamers are generally a different breed, looking for at least some form of immersion and expansion possibilities in their extended play time. Loki provides none of this, and the limited mouse based attacks quickly become an unsatisfying button mashing practice.

...and thanks to Dark Savant for pointing out another Loki review, this time at YouGamers with a score of 68%:

A poor story can be partially forgiven if the gameplay is good enough. After all, the meat of an action RPG is engaging in wanton carnage, collecting loot and upgrading. After selecting a character (I chose a Norse Warrior), the fighting commences almost immediately. Following a brief chat with a NPC for some story setup, it's off to save a town from imminent destruction by hordes of invaders. Along the way, various NPCs will offer up bits of story and quests. Quests consist mainly of clearing out dungeons and collecting items (why are NPCs always too lazy to do the footwork, anyway?). Since quests drive the gameplay, it would be nice to see some variation to the quests. At times, completing quests in an RPG can feel a bit like crossing items off a weekend chore list, and Loki doesn't break any new ground in this regard.

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