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RPG Codex - Legend:Forge Your Destiny

by Magerette, 2007-09-03 22:41:49

Vault Dweller has posted some info over at RPG Codex  on a new RPG in development called Legend:Forge Your Destiny:

According to the website, it's the next evolution in free roam cause-and-affect based RPGs. I was told that the game is being developed by former Oblivion modders, but the concept is promising, so take a look:

Putting the Depth back into RPGs. Achieved via:

a) Comprehensive history, races & politics

b) Immersive storytelling, emotion & action

c) Diverse environments, gameplay & characters

d) Introduction of Maelor; The Law of Attraction with Cause & Effect!

Key Feature - 'Maelor' ::

Every character has a Maelor Alignment, the 'Law of Attraction' determines opportunities - friendly or hostile interactions, quest versions, conversations & conflict. The Players actions alter this alignment, in-turn affecting their experience via 'Cause & Effect'.

You can see some early gallery shots and get more information at the official website.

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