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The Witcher - Sword of the Witcher Music Video

by Magerette, 2007-09-06 08:53:15

The Witcher's official website  has posted news that a music video clip from the band VADER which combines some trailer footage with performance video and music composed by the band has been released, along with a link to a streaming video at Wirtualna Polska 

This is how VADER’s frontman – Peter – recalls work done on the clip: “A couple of months ago, CD Projekt RED approached us and asked whether we’d be interested in recording a music track relating to the RPG game “The Witcher”. The game itself, its “feel” and atmosphere, as well as the rather atypical challenge were enough to give it a go. We recorded the “Sword of the Witcher” track in May, and on the 10th of July, with the help of Inbornmedia from Wrocław, shot some videos in the castle in Bolków. To help us in the undertaking we received some music samples from the game’s soundtrack.

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