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White Gold - Dev Bio @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-09-07 23:32:45

Deep Shadows' second dev bio at their official blog is community manager "Kertis", who has worked on a couple of interesting prior projects that we have tracked but - to date - haven't seen the light of day, such Heart of Eternity:

1. Full name (nick name) – Dmitriy Lysenko - Tom\Doc\Kertis
2. Date and place of birth – 14.03.1971 in Seventh helical galaxy, Solar System, third planet,U SSR, Podolsky district in Kiev.
3. Position – Community manager. Content manager.
4. Join date – 24th of April in 2007, 10:12 am.
5. Previous and current projects – Beletion: Absinth Star (frozen) and Beletion: Beyond Ritual (developing atm) of the Rostok Games as a scenario writer and gamedesigner. Heart of Eternity of the UDC Company as scenario writer. Undeclared project of the Vogster Entertainment as lead gamedesigner and scenario writer. From 2001 till 2006 I’ve worked as editor and reviewer in "My gaming computer" magazine.
6. Experience and objectives - I’ve started and continue my work with PR sphere in Deep Shadows now, though going to continue my work with game design and scenarios in future. At present, PR job is very interesting for me.
7. Few words about my personality - – Vodka, sex and rock-n-roll. Ski, water tourism, speleology, computer games, science fiction, guitar playing, cinematography, women and humor, which nobody can understand.

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White Gold

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