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Dungeon Siege Post Mortem @ Rock, Paper, Shotgun

by Dhruin, 2007-09-07 23:42:03

Before you wonder why there is a post-mortem of Dungeon Siege in the news, this is apparently an older interview article Kieron Gillen put up at Rock, Paper, Shotgun while he visits Gas Powered Games to presumably cover their current stuff.  At any rate, here's a revealing quote from Chris Taylor:

“We were really big fans of Diablo,” explains Chris when asked to explain where the concept for Dungeon Siege came from, “We really enjoyed that. In our business, we really do build on games ideas from one to the next. So if we see a game we really like we try and work out ways to improve it. When I saw Diablo, I was like “Awesome!”. Because I didn’t even know there was a market for that kind of game. I played Wizardry back in the 80s, and I loved it. But what happens is if no-one makes a game we don’t know if anyone wants to buy it. So we sometimes think a genre is dead. When Diablo was successful it was like: “AWESOME! Let’s build an RPG game… and let’s really go after the things which we think make RPGs great.” That is, exploration. Cool loot. Fantastic spells, and all that kind of thing.”

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