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Loki - 2nd English Demo @ GamersHell

by Magerette, 2007-09-13 15:06:00

GamersHell has available a second English demo for Cyanide's action RPG Loki. It clocks in at 1.22 GB over the first demo at 1007.75. The release date for the U.S. of September 28 is also given. Here's the description:

A new English playable demo of Loki is now available for download, allowing you to try out this hack 'n' slash (action/RPG) that puts the player in key epochs of history surrounded by legendary heroes, powerful divinities and mythical creatures such as hydrae, dragons and minotaurs. Developed by Cyanide Studios, the game allows the player to take-on the role of one of four heroes - a mighty Norse warrior, a fierce Greek fighter, a powerful Egyptian sorcerer or a skilled Aztec shaman.

According to Worthplaying, which also has the download, while the first demo featured the Norse warrior, in this demo you can play the Egyptian mage.

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