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Sacred 2 - Hands On @ Action Trip

by Magerette, 2007-09-14 22:59:22

Action Trip has a hands on feature up on Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Ascarons's sequel to their popular fantasy action rpg. The writer got to play in a LAN multi-player session at GC 2007 in PvP mode:

All the attendees were given a number and a PC to play the multiplayer mode for about 10-15 minutes.

Before the game began, I was able to choose from four different character classes: High Elf, Shadow Warrior, Dryad and Seraphim. The full version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will feature two more classes; namely the Inquisitor and Temple Guardian.

One of the most commendable points of this particular multiplayer mode was the simplicity of the overall design and being able to enter a match quite easily without bothering too much with unnecessary options. Also, the basic principles of play are straightforward to ensure that each player gets into the spirit of the game quickly, without being confused or overburdened by an intricate combat system.


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