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Vanguard: Darrin McPherson Interview @ Paladins of Telon

by Dhruin, 2006-06-27 01:36:00
Sigil's Darrin McPherson speaks to the Paladins of Telos about the paladin class in Vanguard:<blockquote><em><b>Paladins of Telon - Other than tanking, what do you think will be the main aspects of a Paladin that will make them desirable to groups?</b><br><br>Darrin McPherson - Paladins are our most defensively oriented Protective Fighter. They are very geared towards protection and augmentation of their group. They have auras that can heal, empower or protect their parties. They have heals and buffs, which you would expect, but they also have powerful rescue abilities. One of the themes that I wanted to go with for the Paladin was protection and retribution a  You dona "!t want to attack a Paladina "!s ally. Our Paladin is the least damaging of the classes in his archetype, except when he is performing rescues. A Paladina "!s rescues deal damage to the offender, damage that is on par with or that exceeds the Warrior in some cases.</em></blockquote>

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