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Mass Effect - Massive Coverage

by Dhruin, 2007-09-17 23:35:25

The fearsome BioWare PR machine has hit top gear for Mass Effect as we speed toward the November release.  IGN has a full suite of coverage with a Greg Zeschuk interview, a preview and a new trailer.  From the interview:

IGN: From what we've seen of the game, it seems absolutely massive. Are you worried that some people may be a little overwhelmed by everything?

Greg Zeschuk:
We're not worried that people will overwhelmed by the game. We have made sure that big choices within the game are well marked. So, if you need to progress by performing a particular action, it will always be clear. Things like an essential galaxy will be marked, so you can head straight forward. Plus, there's the fact that people don't have to do everything in the game - there are a lot of side quests and extra exploration.

...and the "extended hands-on":

Like its dialogue system, Mass Effect's approach to combat is to give the player layer upon layer of choice while trying to make the mechanisms for making those choices as streamlined as possible. Both systems are based on "wheels" - the dialogue wheel for conversation (more on that later), and the weapon wheel and power wheel for combat.

The latter two work like this. When you first round a corner and spot a group of enemies, they'll each sport a red triangle above their heads, signaling that they mean you harm. If you think you can take them down with some simple run-and-gun moves, just squeeze the right trigger and fire away. Your squadmates will follow suit. But if you want or need to be more tactical about the situation, hold down the right bumper to bring up the power wheel.

The trailer covers combat and "squad tactics, weapons and biotic powers you can use to finish off your enemies".

Meanwhile, r3dshift wrote in to point out five new Mass Effect clips at Gametrailers.

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