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Mount & Blade - v0.890 Released

by Dhruin, 2007-09-18 11:55:10

It's been...well, an awful long time since the last version. Taleworlds has released Mount&Blade v0.890 and, as usual, you'll have to work out yourself what it includes because Armagan doesn't keep patch notes:

Hi Folks,

After a very long wait, version 0.890 is finally ready. Actually, it would be nice if we could work on the new version a little bit more, but we didn't want to postpone the release any longer. We hope to release new versions more rapidly from now on.

You will realize that version 0.890 is radically different from older versions and that has a lot to do with the influence of Steve's Battle for Sicily Mod and his involvement with the game. Steve has brought in lots of fresh ideas to Mount&Blade and I am really excited that he will be working on the future development of the game. We haven't been able to fully implement Steve's ideas yet and the game's Strategical battle system does not yet match that of Battle for Sicily, but those those aspects will hopefully be improved in future versions.

Apart from Steve, all members of our team here, namely Cem, Ozgur, Mustafa and Ipek have worked with a great enthusiasm and creativity on the new version, and I want to thank them all for their hard work and passion.

And of course, the new version owes greatly to the Mount&Blade community, our dear administrators and moderators, and everyone who have contributed their suggestions, ideas and feedback. The community has been a great source of inspiration, motivation and support for us and Mount&Blade would be nowhere near what it is today without your help and contribution.

As usual, I didn't maintain a proper changelog for the new version. I apologize for that, but I am looking forward to you guys discovering the new features, since that's so much more fun for me than giving you the list. Wink

Now without further ado:

The download link for the installer is as follows (103MB)

If you use a torrent downloader, you can also use the following torrent.


Many thanks to Janus who suggested using torrents for distribution and did the basic research)

The usual note: Savegames are not compatible between this version and any previous version. If you want to keep your character, load your character with the old version, and from character window->statistics, export your character. You can then create a character with the same name and use the import function to import him to the new game.

I wish everyone a great time with the new version! Very Happy

You can now download the new version from Filecloud.com. It could be faster than downloading from our server:


You can check a handful of screens here and forumites are trying to collect the changes here.

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