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Titan Quest: First Impressions @ Just RPG

by Dhruin, 2006-06-27 01:59:00
Just RPG has kicked up some first impressions of Iron Lore's Titan Quest:
While everything looks and sounds nice, one must wonder whether or not the game plays well and what new it brings to the already dense action-RPG market on the PC. Titan Quest plays out very similarly to the bulk of action RPGs on the PC. The player will explore towns, gain quests, and set out to complete them. After partaking in some quests, a larger quest will come to either seek out a fearsome enemy or to move on to a new area. As the player fights enemies, equipment will be acquired in many different varieties, which can be customized from parts dropped by certain enemies, equipped as is, or sold at various stores in town. While all of this sounds very hackneyed, it should be noted that the change of location from fantasy to mythical creates a compelling world that is both familiar and alien, and one that is exciting to explore. Fighting is still done through point and click, and the bar at the bottom holds access to skills and items, which can also be hot keyed for easy access, which is nothing special but welcome at the same time. The controls are all solid, and there were no real issues with hit detection, as everything seems to be polished up rather nicely.

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