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Afterfall: Prelude Revealed

by Dhruin, 2006-06-27 02:05:00
The Polish post-apoc project Afterfall has announced at NMA a preview/tech demo titled 'Prelude' will be released this December:
"Afterfall: Prelude" is a short, but fully-featured game set in a pre-war German military base a dozen years before the game's timeline. "Afterfall:Prelude" will offer:

- One of a kind atmosphere mixed of a post-apocalyptic, known to you from our stories and descriptions, Afterfall's climate, and that of various survival horrors.
- Circa 3-4h gameplay
- 7 atmospheric locations to explore. All brimming with delicious details.
- Original game's "Afterfall" v1.0 beta mechanics, which is a depleted, but self-sufficient version.
- Over 300 items, which can possibly be modified and assembled by the player character.
- A complete story, an unusual hero, whose actions you might direct, and a distinct time frame.

Source: NMA

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