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Loki - New MP Features Coming

by Dhruin, 2007-09-19 23:43:13

From the Loki site:

GameCenter Warriors, we are pleased to announce that a bunch of new features are on their way for the LOKI multiplayer mode.

As requested by many players, a chest system will be released this week on the GameCenter. This system will allow players to store items, above and beyond the limit of a hero's personal inventory, and to transfer items between their heroes!!

Very soon, a new patch with many improvements for the multiplayer mode will be available. This patch, planned for the end of September will also see the start of an massive worldwide multiplayer tournament, « LOKI Battle Round #1 ». At the end of the competition, the best warriors will be rewarded with "Divine" level inventory items. The 2 best players on each ladder (level and duel) will, in addition, receive a Unique Item that can only be gained via this tournament.

Here are the rules of the "LOKI Battle Round #1": the ladder will be reset. But don't panic as heroes that have already been created won’t be erased: they will just, no longer, appear on this ladder.

Thereafter, players will have 3 months to create a new character and try to enter the Top 10.

After these 3 months of intense combat, the first 10 players on the ladder by level and the first 10 players on the ladder by duel points will receive the following:

- 1st: 4 "Divine" items (1 weapon + 3 pieces of armour) + 1 unique item
- 2nd: 3 divine items (1 weapon + 2 pieces of armour) + 1 unique item
- 3rd to 5th: 2 divine items (2 pieces of armour)
- 6th to 10th: 1 divine item (1 piece of armour)

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