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The Witcher - Music Collaboration Details @Game Zone

by Magerette, 2007-09-20 09:51:02

Gamezone covers a press release from Atari Europe and CD Projeckt that goes into a little more detail on the musical contributions of the bands Vader and Nightwish to The Witcher soundtrack and a promotional CD:

Vader have recorded a track entitled ‘Sword of The Witcher’ which will feature on their forthcoming new album and DVD. The track will also form part of CD Projekt’s “Inspired by The Witcher” promotional album which features English language compositions by a host of Polish acts, from rock and folk all the way to electro, all inspired by The Witcher...

...Next into the limelight is symphonic metal phenomenon Nightwish, Finland’s most internationally successful rock band. With a massive following all over the world, they bring their force to bear on The Witcher in Germany with the inclusion of the video for their latest single “Amaranth” with the game when it launches in October.

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