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Fury - Peek #2 @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 2007-09-22 02:11:17

Auran offers an in-depth look at the skill rating system being implemented in Fury.

When starting out, we wrote a series of lemmas or lemmata (truth statements) indicating what we wanted the skill rating and ladder systems to achieve. These served as foundational guidelines when first designing the systems, and continue to act as yardsticks against which they are measured. They help us evaluate whether the systems meet our goals and objectives, or whether they fall short in some areas. The lemmas we came up with are:

- A player should never go down in skill rating due to winning
- Need to find player's effective skill quickly
- Skill should decay over time if no new inputs are provided
- Never want to discourage players from playing
- Never want to discourage player experimentation (e.g. with alternate game types or archetypes)
- A player's skill varies according to rank
- A player's skill varies according to game type
- A player's skill varies according to archetype
- A player's skill is not a fixed constant
- A player's skill varies over time (short and long-term)
- Players should not be heavily penalized for isolated "bad days"
- Consistent upward or downward trends in skill changes should not be overly retarded

I'll return to our lemmas after detailing the methods we adopted and devised for the system.

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