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Titan Quest: Review @ Yahoo! Games Domain & Gamespot

by Dhruin, 2006-06-27 02:26:00
Tom Chick pops up at Yahoo! Games Domain to write a very positive review of Titan Quest. The score is 4.5/5 and this intro sets the tone:
Let's get this out of the way up front: Titan Quest is no Diablo. It's similar in many ways to Blizzard's masterpiece and it's obviously aimed at the same people who enjoy that sort of glib frantic action RPG clickery. In some ways, it's every bit as good as Diablo. In other ways, it's better. In yet others, it's not as good. But overall, it's very much its own thing, with refreshing and unique gameplay that stands on its own, and dazzling technology that elevates it head-and-shoulders above anything it resembles.
Sporting a rather mediocre score of 7.6/10, Gamespot has slapped its review up for your viewing....pleasure:
Since it seems unlikely that Blizzard itself is going to produce a new Diablo game anytime soon, Titan Quest really is the next-best thing. The gradual approach to character creation taken here is welcome, and the sheer scope of the single-player campaign, coupled with the cooperative play and tools to create your own campaign, means that players willing to commit to the experience will have a wealth of content to keep themselves busy with. There's no shame in modeling your game after the genre-defining Diablo franchise, which capably streamlined the PC RPG into something faster and more accessible, but some of Titan Quest's holdovers seem a bit antiquated. It doesn't take action RPGs to a whole new level or anything, but you'll probably have fun with it if you've enjoyed these kinds of games in the past.
Read it here.

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