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Space Rangers 2: Review @ Ent Depot

by Dhruin, 2006-06-27 02:33:00
8.5/10 is the score for Space Rangers 2 in The Entertainment Depot's review:
There is something respectable about Space Rangers 2. It might not have the best music, the shiniest graphics, the most detailed combat system, or even a polished localization, but it's got so much character and stuff. Truly an everything-but-the-kitchen sink title, Space Rangers 2 gives you space exploration and combat, trading, Subspace-style arcade sections, text-based adventures, and even real-time strategy portions. Everything that has been implemented isn't left to find its own way into the design; even when something is fairly basic, it is given a little extra to make it unique and worth your time. This is one of those titles that people bring up when they talk about games of yore, when imagination and character met with an ambitious and well-executed design.

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