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Sacred 2 - Developer Diary @ Jolt

by Magerette, 2007-09-23 20:11:57

Jolt  has a detailed entry from Ascaron's Sacred 2 developer David Balster about the quest creation mechanic:

At Studio II we use our custom-made quest editor for implementing stories and quests in Sacred 2. In any game a quest basically consists of the following components: characters, items and interdependencies. You could very well program them using a scripting language, but it's a lot easier to just select all elements with your mouse. You still may use the scripting language for all the other stuff, but usually that's no longer necessary....

...How and when a character appears in the world is up to the author - they may build up their story's tension as they please. If a character may die before its quest is completed or not is also the designer's choice. The question whether the story still makes sense or not is not that much of a problem at that point: a special test tool checks the course of the story automatically and issues a warning, if the author has entered logical traps or paradoxes...


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