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Depths of Peril - Review @ Generation Gamerz

by Dhruin, 2007-09-26 00:35:27

Depths of Peril has found good reviews so far and this one at Generation Gamerz sticks with that trend, awarding 89%:

There is some strategy that is needed when you go out into the wild with only one other party member (the maximum) but much of the gameplay is go kill something or gather something while not getting killed by the denizens of the area. It would be sort of boring if it weren't for the influence and political strategy side of the game. Each quest you complete gains you some experience and some influence. You need the influence to become the strongest clan in the village and have the other clans want to make treaties with you and such. If you stay out adventuring too long and don't come in to claim your influence it should come as no surprise that the others will see you as weak and attack your homebase while you are away. The major problem with this game is I kept getting so involved in it I would forget I was writing a review. Well I guess that's not really a problem now is it. OK, so the gameplay is slightly redundant in the go-kill-all-the-mobs kind of way but the dynamics of the other half of the game make it interesting and kept me coming back for more.

As an aside, Worthplaying has an updated DoP demo that includes the latest patch improvements.

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