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Fallout - 10th Anniversary - Jason Anderson Profile @ NMA

by Dhruin, 2007-09-26 01:36:19

The next item on NMA's 10th Anniversary agenda is a profile interview with Jason Anderson, who was a very early part of Fallout and went on to one of the Troika three:

What specifically inspired Fallout for you? What were the biggest influences?

Leonard. Leonard was my biggest art influence on Fallout. I shared an office with him, so I suppose this was only natural. Leonard drove the look and feel of the art in the game and some of what he was doing with the game I was familiar with, but some of it he introduced me to. In regards to art style, I was truly following his lead as to the look and feel of the game. Although, after spending 3 years sharing an office with him, I pretty much nailed down the look and feel of Fallout. Ask me a question now - I know it all.

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