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Fallen Earth - Interview @ MPOGD

by Inauro, 2007-09-28 23:43:04

MPOgD catches up with Lee Hammock, the Lead Game Designer for Fallen Earth.

Fallen Earth is a first-person-shooter, based on target resolution. If you actually want to hit somebody, you have to get him within in your targeting reticule. You can also play the game in 3rd person mode, with the same targeting method. Hammock found first person better for ranged combat, and preferred 3rd person for melee, due to the greater range of vision available.

 "Damage done to the target is based on more of an rpg model, taking into account your skills, weapon enhancements, their armor and the target's skill at not getting hit," says Lee, "However, you will never get a situation where you will have an enemy targeted, but are told that you "miss". Now, if they have great armor, you may not do damage, but you'll hit them!"

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