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RPGWatch Feature: D&D Tactics Review

by Dhruin, 2007-09-29 02:09:01

Yes this is a PSP game. No this isn't a handheld game site. Sometimes a game just screams 'Western RPG' so loudly that we decide to take a look. Join Michael Anderson as he works his way through this turn-based 'tactics' game one grid-step at a time in our giant review:

Perhaps the greatest and most immediately apparent strength of D&D Tactics is the brand itself - the game sets out to bring a pure AD&D experience to the PSP that is as close to the tabletop game as possible, with the PSP as DM and you as the adventurers. The game makes the interesting choice of not adopting any of the classic lands already established in AD&D lore but instead opens a new area to explore and define as their own. Your story takes place in a border region between the feudal peoples of the Lendesi and the tribal clans of the Vinsaxi. The region contains all of the usual terrain types, towns and dungeons of any classic fantasy tale, and as the story unfolds you will either be tasked or find opportunities to explore all of the possible areas. The use of a new area allows the developers to carve out their own method for telling the story without feeling beholden to existing terrain boundaries or clan borders, and it works pretty well. You will not be so smitten that you will be clambering for new tales in this land, but neither will you have issues with choices made that clash with years of established history for the other regions.

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