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Lineage 2: New European Retail Package

by Inauro, 2006-06-28 00:36:00
NCSoft Europe has announced the launch of a new Lineage 2 retail package in celebration of the game's ongoing success.<blockquote><em>Tuesday 27 June 2006/...NCsoftA Europe has made the new retail package for LineageA II: The Chaotic ChronicleTM, which contains the latest update, Chronicle 4: Scions of DestinyTM available across Europe. Worldwide, Lineage II is one of the most dominant titles in the MMO market, having reached more than 14-million customers in just over two years, and continues to grow as NCsoft takes the game into additional territories. <br> <br>The Chronicle 4 update was one of the largest and most ambitious MMO updates ever - the world became a full one third larger, and gained a brand new castle. The layout of Goddard Castle added further variety to the unique castle sieges in the game, strengthening Lineage II's position as the premier MMO for PvP enthusiasts. <br> <br>In addition to the extensive increase in playing area, Lineage II players also have the opportunity to take on a new dragon, Valakas. Other features include new character classes, a Hero and Noblesse system a  allowing players to become a legend in their world, and every adventurer's favourite past time a  fishing. <br> <br>Chronicle 5 will be released later in the year, and will also be free to subscribers. <br> <br>The newly-updated Lineage II is available in stores now, priced A19.99/a 19.99. For more information, please head to http://eu.lineage2.com/</em></blockquote>
Source: NCSoft Europe

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