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Two Worlds - Reviews @ Boomtown, Play

by Dhruin, 2007-10-03 00:39:47

Two new reviews for Two Worlds, each on different platforms and with very different conclusions.

Boomtown looked at the X360 version and slammed it with a 4/10 in their review:

The last thing likely to put you off playing Two Worlds, once you’ve got past the PS1 graphics, has got to be the dialogue and the delivery of said dialogue. Everything is in mock-medieval, with a hey-nonny-nonny and a verily, forsooth and gadzooks. It is so badly written that it’s no surprise that the voice talent delivers the lines with all the emotion of a house brick. Perhaps they too had to listen to the low-rent Enya music that makes up the soundtrack. Whatever the case, the result is unintentionally funny at best, and outright obscure at worst – even with subtitles.

...but Play.tm played the PC version and came away reasonably happy, despite being one of those reviews that starts "I'm not a massive fan of RPGs". The score is 75% and here's the conclusion:

These issues are relatively minor when considering the massive playground you have at your disposal. It quite bluntly isn't as good as Oblivion's (you never thought it would be did you?) but it does provide an awful lot to sink your exploring-teeth into. Indeed, it'll certainly be a lot of fun if you like this sort of thing; its ambition and open-ended nature should satisfy genre fans at the very least. Two Worlds does offer mini-games by way of multiplayer (horse racing, death matches, etc) however disappointingly nothing by way of co-op quests. Still, it's better to have something than nothing and extra marks go to Reality Pump for making the effort.

A well-crafted and ultimately huge slice of video gaming.

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