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RPGWatch - New Poll

by Dhruin, 2007-10-03 10:38:39

It's way past time for a new poll.

The last one asked about your impressions of Fallout 3, with 12% saying it looks fantastic, around 25% thinking it looks good but they have some concerns, while 33% aren't impressed so far and 18% hate it.  Breaking that up, around 37% are generally positive while some 51% are negative.  4% couldn't decide and 6% don't like Fallout, so it looks like interest in the franchise is very high.

Our next poll is a simple one: all things being equal, so would you prefer a digital download or a boxed copy?  I've deliberately kept it to two options so you can argue the details such as price, DRM and declining game manuals in the poll comments.

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