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PotBS - Flag Design Contest @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-10-03 23:02:17

Flying Lab is holding a contest to find two flag designs for the role-playing story arc in Pirates of the Burning Sea.

“The RP Story arc is content complete and in queue for testing, but there’s one little bit of content left too add. How would YOU like to be the one to do it?

Part of the back story involves a conflict between the Knights of Malta and Algiers, which gets carried over to the Caribbean about 60 years before our game begins. By following the RP story arc, you’ll get a chance to look back into history and relive these events in a high level group mission.

For this mission, I need flags and sails to represent the Maltese and Algerian factions. After seeing all the great work our community did in the previous flag and sail contests, we decided that would be a perfect way to get these as well.

Source: Flying Lab Software

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