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Loki - v1.0.7.0 Patch

by Dhruin, 2007-10-05 22:22:16

Thanks to Dark Savant for news on the Loki forums of a v1.0.7.0 patch:

This patch is for all languages and for the DVD version only.

To update the game, just run Loki and click Play button, then click Yes button.
To download manually the DVD patch, please click here.
For online gaming, the version of the Game Center is required.


- Corrections to blockages which sometimes happen when changing levels.
- Correction to a bug on Thor's Anger skill which allowed player to kill NPCs by changing target just after activating skill.
- Correction to the passive skill magic damage bonuses (Glyph).
- Correction to Aztec heroine's "Spirit Power" passive skill.
- Change on calculation of damage inflicted by summonings.
- Correction to Odin's wolf which sometimes did not follow the hero.
- Corrections to a crash when a salesman is spawned for a player who is approaching level 200.
- Correction to Funeral Sacrifice skill.
- Bonuses gained from relics now function correctly.

- Booby-trapped chests now only explode once.
- The status of quest and portal tabs is now saved according to chapter being played.
- Loading of sound and skill files has been optimized.
- Limitation on maximum of 10 level difference between players in multiplayer mode has been removed.
- Adjustment to experience gains in Normal and Hero modes.
- Adjustment to display of items in the 3D interface.

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