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The Chosen - Review @ Gamer 2.0

by Magerette, 2007-10-07 17:11:34

Another review of Rebelmind's recently released action RPG The Chosen:Well of Souls has appeared at Gamer 2.0. This one is a bit more detailed and positive than the previously posted IGN review, and gives the game a rating of Good at 6.9:

Despite some of the similarities to old games, The Chosen manages to be entirely fresh, and gameplay and character leveling are unique, though simplified...

The Chosen is definitely a pretty game, considering the low system requirements. Like Blizzard, Rebelmind seems to be able to squeeze every last bit of beauty out of what comparatively few resources the game requires. The developers not only made things look pretty, but they went to great efforts to make the game charming on a graphical level as much as any other. Much effort was put into this, and that is clear when the player comes upon the second stage—a forest–and finds that werewolves are hiding in the bushes, along with their friends. As the player explores further, he begins to realize that the werewolves are visible in the bushes, if only barely, if you look really... really close. Many developers would have been happy to spawn such foes when the player came near enough, but Rebelmind went to the effort of carefully placing each and every enemy in this stage into extremely well-camouflaged guerilla positions, giving the keen-eyed player an edge, and enhancing the graphical flare and gameplay of the game in one blow. It is this kind of attention to detail and the traveling of that extra mile in development that causes The Chosen to shine.

Source: GameBanshee

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