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Baldur's Gate - Review @ Megascore

by Dhruin, 2007-10-07 23:44:21

Time for a trip down memory lane with Morbus sending in this review of Baldur's Gate. The score is 3/5, with several criticisms:

Often acknowledged as one of the best Role-Playing Games ever (even if arguably worse than its sequel), Baldur’s Gate did broke some boundaries, but lacks some things other RPG’s have, released both earlier and later. However, it meant the practical start of BioWare as we know it today, and most of their RPG’s have been working upon that which Baldur’s Gate set (or not). For that reason, most of the traits and features we usually find in BioWare’s titles are also present in this game, for the good and for the bad. Let’s look at it in detail…

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