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Eschalon: Book 1 - Beta Applications Closed

by Dhruin, 2007-10-08 23:29:15

Basilisk writes they have closed the applications for Eschalon beta testers and now have to plow through the hundreds of offers they received, which may take a week.

While on Eschalon, I noticed this post on their forums:

I've been getting great feedback from our internal testers and wanted to share a couple amusing stories with you people:

One of the testers who is playing a Rogue uses Cat Eyes serums to give himself the ability to see in the dark without producing any light. He supplements that with a torch, which when combined with the Cat Eyes effect gives him a very bright vision radius in the darkest dungeons. Now then, when his torch is lit, he looses his ability to Hide in Shadow, but as soon as he nears an enemy he extinguishes his torch and falls back to just Cat Eyes. He can then walk past most enemies undetected, safely hidden in shadow. The funny thing is, since he has not bumped up his Move Silent skill, sometimes enemies hear him and begin following the mysterious footstep sounds in the dark. If he makes one wrong step and walks onto a tile where the ambient light is greater than his Hide in Shadows skill can be effective, they suddenly see him and then it's trouncing time!

Another tester who is a caster has regaled me with anecdotes of how he uses various spells to his advantage. As a designer I find it amusing that certain spells that I thought would be highly depended upon are occasionally ignored for a combination of other spells which I thought would be unused by most higher leveled casters. One example involved charming an enemy to fight for him and then entangling a couple other enemies so they can’t fight back or escape. This allows him to sit back and watch them kill each other and it costs much less Mana Points as opposed to assaulting enemies directly with mana-draining combat spells.

Just thought some of you may enjoy these examples of gameplay.

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