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RPGWatch Feature: The Whole Game in My Hand #7

by Dhruin, 2007-10-11 01:12:25

Mike Anderson continues his one man army coverage of handheld RPGs with a seriously ridiculous amount of content - 13 reviews, including full articles on Brave Story: New Traveller and the amazing Jeanne D'Arc.  Joss Whedon fans will remember a character in Angel having his sleep surgically removed so he could work 24 hours a day - Whedon got that idea from Mike.

Here's the intro of the Jeane D'Arc review:

Every child knows the story of Joan of Arc, the girl who was chosen by an armband that ended up being somewhat of an antenna to God. They know how she led an army consisting of talking lions and a wolf that speaks like Scooby-Doo and rained Fireballs on some English soldiers led by a crazy guy with multiple lives as she fought to end the English occupation.

What? That isn't the story you learned? Oh well, education continues to fail our children. Seriously, no one will mistake Level 5's wonderful new strategy-RPG game as a history lesson, as it takes broad license with the facts and timeline of her rise in fame and legend as she fought to retake occupied areas of England. The choices made were done to provide more gameplay options and help the story flow more naturally. And all of the changes made work excellently - the story and game flow along nicely and naturally, producing an excellent strategy-RPG accompanied by and excellent narrative, which is quite a rarity.

Read it all here.

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