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Hard to be a God - Diary #[email protected] RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-10-12 12:53:58

Burut's Vladimir Kovner has penned a diary for RPG Vault on Hard to be a God:

The idea to develop a game with an unusual setting came to our minds quite a while ago. Above all, we can "blame" this on our love of science fiction. In particular, we were always deeply into the universe created in Hard to be a God by the Strugatsky brothers. It gives us a unique opportunity to combine some medieval ways of life with sci-fi technologies of a highly developed civilization. Just imagine... far, far away, in some remote galaxy, there's a planet that resembles the Earth in so many ways. Representatives of the human civilization arrive there. and are viewed as gods - with all their technologies and devices in hand. Exciting, huh?

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Hard to be a God

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