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Mount & Blade - v0.893 Released

by Dhruin, 2007-10-12 13:06:48

A new version of Mount&Blade has been released with additional fixes for the .890 platform.  This time, there's an additional novelty - a changelog:

Please note that this version is not backward compatible with any version before 0.891.

And here is the change-log for version 0.893:

Transition between animations is smoother now.
"Reduce damage to player" option now affects player's horse.
Archery accuracy has been increased.
Gold gained from looting a village has been reduced.
Number of trees in forests has been reduced.
Terrain not near mountain areas is now less rugged.
Heroes at castles under siege can no longer hire new troops.
Hero parties can no longer be respawned at centers under siege.
Heroes respawn less frequently.
Fixed bug where a besieged commander accepted to abandon the castle to you, all subsequent castles would yield without fighting.
Horse hitbox is now slightly smaller.
Horses can have varying hitpoints.
Item modifiers and prices have been re-balanced.
After conquering a castle, you are now presented a menu and can ask for ownership explicitly.
Added "show on map" button to Location Notes.
Fixed bug where couched lance damage was delivered when it should not.
Bug fixed where you could bump into an invisible dead horse.
Some problems with archer and horse archer AI fixed.
AI battle tactics have been re-enabled.
Miscellaneous other small fixes.

Thanks, Sandy (and apologies for putting the wrong name here in the original newsbit)! 

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