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The Chosen - Peek # 2 @ RPG Vault

by Magerette, 2007-10-12 20:38:13

More monsters from Rebelmind's action rpg The Chosen:Well of Souls  are on view in RPGVault's second look at the game, including the Gurges:

The deep jungle hides many mysteries and many dangers, more so now that the Well of Souls has been opened.

The Gurges are bipedal snake-demons that found the jungle an ideal environment. They poured from a fissure in the ground and spread through rainforest like a swarm of ants, devouring everything in their path. Now they await the unwary...

Not to mention the nearly indestructible massive scorpion known as Scorpio:

Scorpio is not a true demon. This cunning monster is the result of magical experimentation. The ancient rulers of Ethiopia were obsessed with creating giant living creatures. Scorpio was their most successful creation. So successful in fact that it cost them their lives.

The rulers tried to control the beast with soaring towers that belched fire, but to no avail. The gigantic arthropod laid waste to the countryside and destroyed the civilization that created it. Scorpio has stalked the desert for a thousand years… the scourge of the sands.


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