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System Shock 2 - The Making Of @ Next Gen

by Dhruin, 2007-10-13 00:37:30

The Making of System Shock 2 talks to Ken Levine about those early days with Looking Glass and how System Shock 2 came about:

Neurath’s offer was incredibly open. Looking Glass had, in making Thief: The Dark Project, developed its own in-house engine. All of Irrational were experienced with it, having all worked on Thief. Why not make a game with it with us? Any game you fancy, really. “We immediately started designing,” Levine recalls.

“The three partners sat down, and we ended up with a game design which was basically our design for Shock 2, but in a totally different world. It was a kind of Heart Of Darkness story, with a military commander gone crazy and your mission was to go to this crazy spaceship and assassinate him.”

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