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EA - BioWare/Pandemic Q&A @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2007-10-17 00:18:57

Book-ending GameSpot's recent interview with the BioWare doctors is a similar interview with Pandemic's Josh Resnick and Greg Borrud.  The rhetoric is the same and here is a quote:

GB: We've been building Pandemic for nine years now, and I think in our minds, we're only halfway to where we want to be as a developer. Continuing to build Pandemic is what gets us up in the morning. And the key to this transaction is that we'll be able to keep doing that.

JR: One final thought on that. Some of our favorite developers, such as Blizzard and Rockstar, those guys have been able to do incredible work and continue to build their brands and the excitement people have about their products while inside large organizations. So, we're happy to follow in those footsteps.

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