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Mount & Blade - v0.894 Released

by Dhruin, 2007-10-17 00:45:19

On to v0.894 for Mount&Blade with a new bug-fix release out.  Hooray for changelogs!

  • Fixed bug where zendar and player would get a checkered banner instead of the chosen one.
  • Fixed bug where player would get very high amount of experience and gold from a battle if he was alone and had low health.
  • AI arhers hold formation now.
  • Other fixes to horse archer AI
  • Enemy AI will wait for you to come to them only if they have 50% archers.
  • Two new splendid pictures by Ganbat for camp and payment day menus.
  • Launch menu reports incompatible modules correctly now.
  • Some other small fixes...

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