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Titan Quest: Review @ UGO

by Dhruin, 2006-06-28 07:18:00
The Titan Quest avalanche continues with UGO kicking up a review with a rating of 'B':
The game is almost exactly like Diablo II or its facsimiles, in gameplay, feel, and playfulness. There are notable differences, however, and most of them are actually good. The most obvious difference is that, instead of roaming through the typical mythical medieval lands, you're in ancient Rome. So instead of killing off zombies and skeletons, you're ridding the world of deadly sea turtles and pigs. It's kind of funny to think about when you summon Lich Kings to help you dispatch the more difficult, slow moving turtles that are kicking your butt. You also fight mythical beasts like satyrs, cyclops, and centaurs, of course, and the variety of monsters and their abilities (melee, distance, and magical) keeps the game interesting.

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