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Loki - Review @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 2007-10-19 14:10:57

A poor 5.9/10 is the score for Loki at Worthplaying, although most of the text probably reads a bit more positive:

The pace of Loki is somewhat slower than other action-adventure titles, which takes some getting used to but isn't entirely bad. However, the overall atmosphere of the world isn't particularly immersive, and the pace tends to draw attention to this. The level design wouldn't be bad if it weren't for the extreme overuse of it all. This is one of the more glaring flaws to Loki, but it takes awhile to really notice it. As you level up, the game doesn't get more challenging — it just gets longer. Much, much longer. This means that, while the smoldering underworld lava caverns are interesting at first, after five or more hours in the same cave over and over again, it becomes maddening. Hark, a new area! Ice caves! Five more hours of this new horizon ought to liven things up a bit, no? Basically, Cyanide have just crammed far too much of a good thing into this package. They could have chopped out easily half of the filler grind "content" and still had a game with enough single-player action to make it worthwhile. As it is, the endless repetition ultimately becomes self-defeating.

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