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The Witcher - Previews @ GameBanshee, Shacknews

by Dhruin, 2007-10-19 23:33:33

Two new previews of The Witcher are out.  Let's take serious quote from GameBanshee who are unashamedly fans:

Before going any further, let me first just say that I have no idea why the game was ever coined as an "action RPG." Sure, the combat requires some (carefully timed) mouse clicking, but the team was clearly aiming for a classic role-playing experience. This is a story-driven game with a significant amount of dialogue, a multitude of quests, a surprisingly thorough and intricate journal system, and a vast assortment of character development options. You have to put a considerable amount of thought into many of the choices you make in the game, so hopefully nobody out there is expecting a Diablo clone or something similar from The Witcher. If so, scratch the game off your list and save yourself some cash and the subsequent disappointment. If a classic single-player CRPG experience is exactly what you're looking for, then you're in luck.

...and a bit on courting the ladies from Shacknews:

After saving one woman from a band of would-be rapists, I'm hit with a quest to run her back across town to her house, protecting her from roving helldogs in the process. All the way, she's teasing me with promises: "Hustlers always get rewarded, hee hee." Yeah.

"I live with my grandma. I'd rather not shock her," she says on arrival. Typical. At this point I figure the jig is up--Game Over--which is just when my sly character suggests meeting the next day, at a secluded mill down the road. At this point I'm talking to the screen: "Geralt, you cheeky bastard."

"You bring the wine, I'll bring the food," she replies, prompting a quest to find a bottle of wine in time for the rendezvous. Which I do, for science, and inevitably all of this triggers a cutscene.

"Something haunts the old mill tonight," says one nearby guard.
"We should engage a witcher or some other magician to look into it," replies his friend.
"Never around when they're needed, they are."

Thanks, MikeZZ.

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