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RPGWatch Feature: The Chosen Review

by Dhruin, 2007-10-20 13:47:33

Our latest review delves into The Chosen: Well of Souls, Rebelmind's new budget hack'n'slasher set in 19th century Europe:

The brass tacks framework of any action RPG rests on three things: combat, character development and item systems (otherwise known as ph4t l3wt). The Chosen handles the first very well indeed, provided you’re tolerant of the point-and-click attack system. There’s a lot more to slaying than just random clicking though, especially if you want to get the extra attribute point rewarded for completely clearing each map of the required number of hellspawn. This is represented at each level by a small numerical counter at the top of the screen that counts down the total as each infernal creature bites the dust. To reduce the monster meter to zero, players will have to exercise brain cells as much as an overdeveloped mouse finger.

Read it all here.

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Chosen: WoS

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