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Loki - Review @ GameZone

by Magerette, 2007-10-21 18:12:37

Gamezone has posted a positive review  of Cyanide's action rpg Loki, giving it an overall score of 7.7/10:

 Cyanide and Dreamcatcher have tossed their collective hats into the ring with Loki: Heroes of Mythology, a title that revisits the glorious days of solo-player hack ‘n slash role playing. This is D2 and Titan Quest, with the same general formats in terms of finite zone maps, point-and-click controls, quests and treasures to uncover. You kill, you loot, you upgrade skills and armor.. .

...While the classes vary, the formula is more or less the same. Some of the classes are significantly weaker as you begin and it is much easier to take on the role of a balance melee class while learning the nuances of the game. Still, though, this is a relatively easy game to learn to play.

Expect load times – this game is not seamless and you will move from map to map through glowing blue barriers. Pathing is hit or miss. At times you will run through an area and not even trees can slow you down as you clip right through them; but then there are the times when you will get hung up on a rock, or trapped against the loading barrier or even boxed in by monsters.

Graphically, the game is played from the third-person perspective though the camera does rotate and zoom in to afford you a better view of the action. The combat animations are fine and the variety of monsters, though working off familiar themes, gets the job done in terms of the various mythologies presented.


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