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The Chosen - Review @ Games Radar

by Magerette, 2007-10-21 18:34:32

Games Radar has posted their review of Rebelmind's action rpg, The Chosen:Well of Souls,giving it a 5/10:

Along with gradually improving your four primary stats (Vitality, Strength, Knowledge, or Dexterity), you can also use one of 3 special abilities in your hot key slots while slowly (and we mean SLOWLY) purchasing or improving these abilities in Offense, Defense, or Miscellaneous categories. Unfortunately the skill points are grudgingly doled out and most special abilities are so costly to enhance beyond your first selection that you'll never really focus on any one primary area, becoming instead, a "Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master of None" hero...

...We definitely didn't have any issues with the graphics or the game's art direction, which was quite solid.  The lighting, in particular, was very colorful and moody while the varied locations were all appropriately presented, particularly forested areas. In a nice touch, trees and bushes rustle appropriately as your character moves through them. Monsters, while occasionally uninspired (the game's opening chapter is chock full of devilish-looking ET clones with sharp teeth but no desire to "phone home"), are at least visually appealing and vary from grunt-level demons to ravaging werewolves or fiery demon lords.



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