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The Chosen - Review @ Gamersinfo.net

by Magerette, 2007-10-22 20:16:28

Gamersinfo.net has posted a review of Rebelmind's action rpg set in a 19th century world, The Chosen:Well of Souls and though the site gives no numerical score, it seems to consider the game one with both good and bad features:

Being touted as containing "very strong RPG elements," The Chosen allows you to choose between three characters, all with different back stories. The characters (Frater, Elena and Khan) all specialize in their respective areas (magic, ranged combat and melee combat). Although they are not customizable in any way, each could be re-geared to use any combat style or combination you see fit...

... Lastly, but by far the most cool, is your ability to summon one of the demons you have captured from a well of souls. The demons will attack with the elements they belong to and will last a short amount of time attacking whatever it can. Unleashed in a dangerous situation with a lot of common enemies, the demon can rip them apart in seconds — faster than you ever can. You can keep summoning them until your faith is depleted; and you can keep them around longer with certain (costly) enhancements on your equipment....

...Initially, I had to push myself to keep playing The Chosen — Well of Souls. I had no desire to keep playing at the start of the game, but as things advanced, I did end up having fun. Sure, the story is very thin and the enemies kind of repetitive. But if you like hack 'n' slash games, you might want to try it. 

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