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Titan Quest: Reviews @ GamePro & Games Radar

by Dhruin, 2006-06-28 22:30:00
Two more Titan Quest reviews have hit the 'net today. <a href="http://www.gamepro.com/computer/pc/games/reviews/69588.shtml" target="_blank">GamePro</a> echoes previous comments, with a score of 4.25/5:<blockquote><em>Gorgons? Check. Harpies? Check. Centaurs? Skeletons that launch from the ground like that scene from Jason and the Argonauts? Check and check. Yup, folks, Titan Quest is set in ancient mythological Greece, complete with all the gods, demons, dieties, and grotesque monsters you can hack to pieces with a gladius sword. The storyline is some nonsense about titans -- those monstrously cruel rulers of early Earth -- who have escaped their prison to wreak havoc on mortals. The threadbare plot is stitched together by rambling, poorly acted monologues recited by various townspeople. It's all very disposable.</em></blockquote>...and <a href="http://www.gamesradar.com/us/pc/game/reviews/article.jsp?sectionId=1000&articleId=20060627171435733051&releaseId=20060511102838204065" target="_blank">Games Radar</a> comes along with an excited 9/10:<blockquote><em>If you've been missing the genre where left-clicking does all, boy does developer Iron Lore have a gem for you. Take three parts top-down hack-a-thon and zero parts plot and out pops Titan Quest, the ultimate in slicing, dicing, and literally hurling monster-fodder around the screen. Pick a gender and listen to the "okay, we'll have one if we must" introduction about those pesky Titans that Zeus imprisoned suddenly breaking free, then youa "!re off to surf bawdy throngs of satyrs, spiders, centaurs, and myrmidons as you pinball from city to city in search of the ultimate gear and the coolest monster to kill with it.</em></blockquote>
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